by Brandon Bigos

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released July 27, 2015



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Brandon Bigos Pennsylvania

Simple songs 'cause Ooh baby, I like it raw.

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Track Name: Intrinsic Properties
Unrealistic friendliness drives me ballistic
My emptiness is so explicit
Some properties are just intrinsic

In conversations, if I’m not listening
It’s 'cause I’m probably just not that interested
It’s not that I’m insensitive
It’s just that these properties are intrinsic

I search for knowledge like a wiki site
And during college, I stay up all night
I stop my feelings like a traffic light
And that’s intrinsic

I write some music, I can barely sing
I learn some physics, question everything
I skip commitments for melee competing
And that’s intrinsic
Track Name: Window Seat
Yesterday, I stopped and thought of
All the stupid plots and my love of possibilities
And why I don’t do these

Like why I get the same dumb haircut
Parting left to fake some care but I truly don’t give a shit
You wouldn’t know the difference

And all those times that I bite my tongue
When I think that I might sound kind of dumb
But shit, that’s no fun

Yesterday, the day was sunny
and everything seemed kind of funny to me
Especially me
Track Name: Heels
I hate how I always get so down
When I'm walking around

Zoned out, thinking about
The things that are bringing me down

I hate how honest it feels
When I'm way down (weighed down) by my heels
Track Name: Honest
I’m being honest when I say
That I can really only talk this way
I’m not so honest when I say
"Have a nice day"

I’m being honest when I write
Metaphors about a kite
Completely honest when I sing
Songs about such stupid things

I’m honest at a restaurant
When I can order whatever I want
I'm being honest when I talk
About a cool thing that I read in a book

I’m being honest when I think
About quote-unquote “philosophical things”
I’m being honest when
I’m making jokes with my friends
Track Name: I Felt The Demise
Walked out of my house and the sun made me blind
I used to be optimistic when I felt the demise

When I sit inside and try to figure it out
I think I have, I leave, and I feel the demise

I spill my truths in a clever disguise
but you clean them up, to my surprise

So I spill some more out of my eyes
I spill them dry

I felt the demise
Track Name: If A Tree Falls Down In The Forest...
Remember when we used to have those fires in the lawn?
Maybe memories have been our enemies all along
We like to spend some of our time in our favorite places
But they stab our backs when we’re somewhere else and we can't embrace it

If a tree falls in the forest and we’re around to hear it
Well of course it makes a sound, so we ignore it
Track Name: Stumped
I was driving around my town
And I was thinking about how I would try to talk down a suicidal guy
About to jump off a bridge and die

I ran some scenarios
Just to see how it might go
Could I be a hero?
Well, the answer was no

'Cause I just couldn’t think of anything actually meaningful to say
Yeah, I just couldn’t think of anything actually meaningful to say

The suicidal guy had me stumped
So I just let him jump
I had never been so stumped
So I just let him jump

And then I almost rear ended a truck